In 4PiR3, the player controls an avatar who can switch his shape amongst a sphere, a cube and a pyramid and he has to exterminate all the enemies of all the eleven waves.

Each shape have two specific habilities, and the player will need all of them if he wants to survive the enemies' wave.

Along the game, three special enemies will appear, they can only be defeated with the help of one of the specific skills of the shape. So the player has to adapt his shape and his capacities to each wave's composition.

My contribution
  • Game Design (game concept, iterations, balancing)
  • Development of the main features (Blueprint)
  • Integration (sound and graphics)
  • User Interface
  • Engine -
  • Platform - PC
  • Context - School work (3rd year)
  • Group size - 3 (3 Game Designers)
  • Deadline - 2 weeks
  • Type - Twin-stick shooter / Shoot'em up
  • Game mode - Solo