Avadrìn Chronicles: The Watcher

Avadrìn Chronicles: The Watcher is a rework of Mummified. My group and I improved it in order to present the game at a video game event on April 2017 in Lyon (69), France.

We added new features (like pick-ups for stimulating the brawl), physics and graphics.

As we also had the project to make other games on the same universe later, I began to write it (characters, places, history, religion).

  • Game Design (game concept, iterations, balancing)
  • QA-test
  • Narrative Design
  • Communication (players reception on video game event)
  • Engine -
  • Platform - PC
  • Context - Japan Touch Haru 2017 - Lyon (69), France
  • Group size - 5 (5 Game Designers)
  • Type - Arena Brawler
  • Game mode - 2-4 players in competition (local)