Professional insertion can be frightening for students. “What should I do?”, “Where to begin?”. Calm down! In Eternia they can experiment an alternative, friendly and playful approach of professional insertion.

The player plays a young boy/girl who has left his/her home to live an epic adventure in a fantastic world full of flying islands, colourful environments, strange creatures and multicultural characters.

The player have to join a crew among four: Pirates, Traders, Explorers and Royal Navy, each of them representing a different sociological type and promoting various skills and competences.

He can play mini-games, complete quests for the residents, discover the hidden tale of Eternia and his fantastic destiny.

More information on Eternia (in french)
My contribution
  • Game Design (game concept, iterations, balancing)
  • Technical documents writing
  • Development of all the features (C#)
  • iOS porting
  • DataBase
  • Integration (sound and graphics)
  • Animation 2D (spritesheet & state machine)
  • User Interface
  • Audio Mixer
  • Communication (website, client presentation, teaser ...)
  • Engine -
  • Platform - Android
  • Context - Professional
  • Client request - Develop a Serious Game on mobile for professional insertion.
  • Team size - 5 (2 Game Designers, 1 2D Artist, 1 2D Artist, 1 Sound Designer)
  • Deadline - 17 months
  • Type - Serious Game - Adventure
  • Game mode - Solo