Ikaku No Fubuki

Ikkaku No Fubuki is a boardgame where the players have to fight monsters for farming and upgrading their stuff in order to progress in six different kingdoms and fight more powerful monsters.

There are six elements in the game (fire, water, wind, earth, light and void) organized in an element wheel (water > fire > wind etc...). All the fights on the game are based on this wheel. The monsters' power can be increased or reduced depending on several factors, leading to spectacular twists and turnarounds.

The game's universe and graphics are based on Shogun No Kamigami, a video game currently in development. More information on it by clicking on the link below.

More information on Shogun No Kamigami
My contribution
  • Game Design (game concept, iterations, balancing)
  • Cards Design
  • Rulebook Writing
  • Context - School work (1st year)
  • Group size - 4 (4 Game Designers)
  • Deadline - 3 months
  • Players number - 2-4
Rulebook (in french)