Mummified is an arena brawler where up to four mummies fight each other in order to be the last one standing and earn their place to Heaven.

The mummies only have their bandages for defeating their oponnents and as they are part of them, shooting costs life, so the players have to be carefull and not waste their bandages.

When a player dies, he takes control of an "Eye" who can fire a beam which deals lots of damage. This allows to reduce the brawl duration and prevent the dead players to be bored.

My contribution
  • Game Design (game concept, iterations, balancing)
  • QA-test
  • Engine -
  • Platform - PC
  • Context - School work (2nd year)
  • Group size - 5 (5 Game Designers)
  • Deadline - 4 weeks
  • Type - Arena Brawler
  • Game mode - 2-4 players in competition (local)